Vancouver Crane Service

Our large cranes consist of Manitowoc 4600 models, in various arrangements.  We have standard lifting cranes and we also have  material handling/duty cycle cranes.  All of our cranes are available on the water or on land.   Our cranes and crane barges are for hire for whatever crane service may be required, whether a small project or long-term.  We will consider bare renting our cranes depending on the requirements of the customer.

We ensure that our equipment is maintained and configured properly, by retaining highly regarded consulting professionals, and our crews are trained and experienced, so when the Arctic Tuk arrives, the hook is presented confidently.

Manitowoc 4600 Ringer S2 Capacity & Range Charts

The Arctic Tuk is outfitted with a ballast control system, full anchoring ability, deck winches, compressed air and electricity.  The ballast system uses constant water volume which is forced by pressurized air between the ballast tanks within the hull, allowing complete stability and total heel control during lifting and swinging of a load.  This system is controlled from the control tower by the ballast operator, and is digitally synchronized with the crane cab gauges for the crane operator.

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