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We have Western Canada’s largest capacity for a single lift on the water of up to 600 Tons

Large barges with international load line availableAmix Heavylift was started in 2005. We at Amix Heavy Lift noticed that there was a market for heavy lift crane service on the water on Canada’s West Coast. What we are able to offer our customers is a service that no one else can. We have the capabilities to lift heavy objects on the water with at total capacity of up to 600 Tons . We are also able to do underwater salvage projects. This capacity enables us to do large lifts such as wrecked or damaged vessels, bridge decks, heavy break bulk cargo, and anything else that needs to be moved from or to the water.

Amix Heavy Lift has established a reputation of commitment and integrity that incorporates powerful, dependable equipment and dedicated employees to serve all of the heavy lift needs of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  Amix Salvage & Sales, a partner company of Amix Heavy Lift, has an impressive fleet of barges with cargo capacity up to 13,500 Tons, tugs, crane barges, floats, vacuum barge, workboats and other marine equipment.  Amix Salvage also provides land support for cargo transloading including rail access, equipment maintenance,  land based equipment such as forklifts up to 45 Ton capacity, 20-Ton Crane Truck and full-service steel fabrication rigs.  Amix Salvage provides the marine crews for Amix Heavy Lift, and Amix is COR certified!  View the details about COR – Certificate of Recognition.

The pride of AHL’s heavy lift line-up is the Arctic Tuk, a 346’ x 105’ barge that supports a Manitowoc 4600 Series 3 crane & 60’ Ringer Series 2. This crane barge is ready to work, backed by a load chart allowing maximum capacity of 600 Tons at a 55’ radius. With its standard boom length of 190’, the Arctic Tuk’s maximum capacity is 388 Tons at a 60’ radius, and 135 Tons at a 190’ radius. These numbers indicate the endless possibilities that this crane barge offers.

Amix Heavy Lift 600 Ton Crane Capacity Chart

Compare this capacity chart to other Vancouver heavy lift options, and the decision is clear; go with the safe and versatile choice, Amix Heavy Lift.


Heavy Lift on the water in Vancouver

– Vancouver Convention Centre Project

Companies from all sectors, such as salvage, steel recycling, heavy machinery manufacturing and shipping, ship building, freight distribution, construction contractors and fabricators, exploration and natural resources should all take notice, if you make it heavy, we will lift it for you. There is also over 17,000 square feet of available deck space on the Arctic Tuk. So when there is a requirement to transfer large volume cargo on the water, not only can the Arctic Tuk lift it, but it can carry it on its deck as well, not to mention the advantages of this kind of space for construction or salvage.

AHL’s knowledgeable staff makes it their personal challenge to provide the safest, most courteous service possible.

When you lift with Amix Heavy Lift Ltd., you are in good hands.

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